Faber Castell polychromos colour chart

A while ago, the lovely Lianne Williams
posted this blank Polychromos Chart on her blog which is an absolutely wonderful resource for a polychromos lover like me. There are plenty of resource sites for Prismacolors around the web but very few for polychromos which is quite sad really because polychromos, as far as I am concerned, is one of the best colored pencils out there. So thank you Lianne for being so generous and making this available to us ! 🙂

Recently my super-awesome husband got me this huge 120 pencil set of Polychromos for our anniversary after constant whining from my side 😉 . And I was thrilled to be able to test it out. This chart has definitely helped me learn a lot about the colors, their steadfastness etc. Most of the time, the colors we visualize in the form of the pencil is not the same when put down on paper. Now, I can always cross refer with this chart while doing a drawing because then I know which color is more suitable where.
Let me show you a little peak of my wonderful set…
Faber Castell polychromos set of 120
Just look at all those wonderful array of colors.Pure Bliss!
The chart has 3 boxes where you can fill in with dark,medium and light . This shows how much of a difference a little bit of pressure can make.
Some more pics…


 Faber Castell polychromos pencil
Faber Castell polychromos color chart
Down below is the scanned version of my polychromos chart. The colors may slightly vary in from the original.
Polychromos color chart by Zakkiya Hamza
Thank-you so much for stopping by! I hope you all had fun reading this blog post. 
Have you tried these wonderful pencils. Please leave your wonderful thoughts in the comments below!
Cheers until next time! xx
Faber Castell set of 120 pencils- http://www.dickblick.com
Faber Castell polychromos color chart-http://www.liannewilliams.com


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