Confused about getting gifts for the watercolor lover in your life? Or don’t know what to get your creative little one this holiday season? Fret not, because I’ve compiled a list of artist gift ideas specially for watercolorists.You’re welcome!

Check out some cool watercolor artist gift ideas over at the blog now | Inkstruck Studio

When it comes to artist gift ideas, there’s a ton of different options to choose from. And what do you do when you have no idea about the quality of different products there is. To make things super easy for you, I’ve divided this post into sections of paints,paper and brushes so that you’re informed well when you buy. For broader artist gift ideas, check out this link


All the products listed in this post have been personally tried by me. They’re products that I’ve used in the past because I don’t want you to spend on things that are not worth it.

{This post contains affiliate links. This means that I will earn a small percentage if you decide to buy from one of the links you click below.You will not be charged extra.}

Check out some cool watercolor artist gift ideas over at the blog now | Inkstruck Studio

  1. Mission Gold pure pigment watercolor set –  This set is the latest addition to my watercolor hoarding craze and it’s amazing! The colors are bright and true.
  2. Dr.P.H. Martin’s Hydrus watercolor –  There are three different sets to choose from and a tiny drop goes a long long way.
  3. Sennelier l’Aquarelle watercolors – They come in both pans and tubes. My first investment as a watercolor artist and I have only awesome things to say about this set.
  4. Sakura Koi watercolors – Perfect for kids and adults alike, this watercolor set is amazing for the low price it’s at.
  5. Winsor and Newton Cotman watercolors – Staying true to it’s quality, this set is the perfect gift for the beginner artist. Low priced with no compromise on quality.

Check out some cool watercolor artist gift ideas over at the blog now | Inkstruck Studio

  1. Silver black velvet brushes – Gorgeous brushes and they look so beautiful. It’s a mix of squirrel and synthetic hair and feels like a dream to paint with.
  2. Princeton neptune quill brush – Watercolor quill brushes are pricey because most of them have natural hair. Princeton neptune is the synthetic version but the quality is spot on!
  3. Princeton neptune round watercolor brush– This is my go-to brush for painting florals and leaves.
  4. Winsor and Newton goat hair brush – This watercolor brush is amazing for large washes.
  5. Simply Simmons watercolor brushes -At just eight dollars, this set has everything that you need for fine details in a painting. It includes a spotter and a script brush for tthose dots and dashes.
  6. Sakura koi water brush – This brush is amazing for lettering projects. It comes with a reservoir which you can fill with water.

Check out some cool watercolor artist gift ideas over at the blog now | Inkstruck Studio

  1. Arches watercolor paper– Hands down, the best there is. Invest in one of these and you’ll be buying more.
  2. Fabriano artistico watercolor paper-Similar to the Arches, but the paper is a extra white.
  3. The Langton prestige watercolor paper-Another one that compares to the Arches but a little less expensive.
  4. Winsor and Newton cotman watercolor paper-The perfect beginner watercolor paper.
  5. Daler Rowney watercolor paper-Similar to the W/N but with a slightly different grain texture.

Check out some cool watercolor artist gift ideas over at the blog now | Inkstruck Studio

These set of products are great for exploring watercolors more and they’re products that support watercolor. They’re optional to purchase but they’re fun to try.

  1. Winsor and Newton masking fluid– This product masks off areas that need to be shielded against paint. Note that they’re stinky and ruin brushes easily. So don’t go around using your brand new quill brush for these.
  2. Martin Mijello watercolor folding palette– This palette is great for the outdoors and they’re not only foldable but leak proof too.
  3. P.H.martins bleed-proof white – Excellent for highlights and is opaque unlike watercolors.
  4. Winsor and Newton medium introduction set– This set has a masking fluid, iridescent medium, gum arabic and a texture medium.
  5. Holbein artists’ gouache – I love using gouache and watercolor together to create elements that need a tad bit more opacity.

Happy Holidays and happy shopping! x





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  1. Awesome! As someone who is a newbie to the watercolor world, I am still learning which products to use. I already have an eye for a few things that you recommend. Thanks for sharing.

    – Julia

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