Hello ! Hello ! So this is what’s new here on the blog. Weekly prompts along with a watercolor challenge theme for the month. Sounds interesting? Read on to learn more.

Take this monthly watercolor challenge along with ideas for prompts in 2018 to improve your skill! Hosted by Inkstruck Studio, it's going to be a fun one - www.inkstruck.com

If you’re part of my Learn Modern watercolors Facebook group(yes, the group is a lot of fun), you may remember that this was an idea that a lot of you unanimously agreed to. Keeping things simple and less stressful, the prompts will only be weekly instead of daily because I know how overwhelming that can be. And the perks? Improve your skill in watercolor plus you have the chance to win a $15 gift voucher from Amazon after each month’s watercolor challenge!


The topics listed here are the themes for each month and they will be broken down to 4 weekly prompts which will be revealed every month.

  • January – Shapes
  • February – Food
  • March – Bugs
  • April – Plants
  • May – Flowers
  • June – Flower compositions
  • July – Sea creatures
  • August – Landscapes
  • September – Creating textures
  • October – Fall inspired
  • November – Trees
  • December – Holiday inspired

How you can get notified of the watercolor challenge and prompts each month.

  1. Be part of The Inkstruck Club whose members receive monthly newsletters and you’ll be notified of the prompts. It’s totally free to join. Not only that, you can get access to free watercolor worksheets, freebies and deals right to your inbox and which are exclusive.
  2. Follow me on Instagram at @inkstruckstudio where I’ll be posting the watercolor challenge prompt topics every month. Don’t forget to tap the three dots on top and “Turn on post notifications” so that you don’t miss it.
  3. Join my Learn Modern Watercolor Facebook group which is a group that I created to share my knowledge with watercolors.

You’re probably wondering where you can post your illustrations based on the watercolor challenge.

  1. Use Instagram to post your artwork and tag them with #inkstruckwatercolors. You can also tag me there @inkstruckstudio so that I’ll be notified.
  2. You can post on my “Learn Modern Watercolors” Facebook group. Daily share threads will be posted on the group along with the theme and prompt and you can post your artwork in the comments.

The prompts are only changed on a weekly basis so that you have enough time. You may create just one or multiple artworks with the same prompt.

You can find inspiration for the prompts by following me on Pinterest or the”Watercolor inspiration” board. I love pinning and it’s the perfect place to find what you’re looking for. There are a ton of watercolor tutorials right here on the blog, so you can always refer and use the search bar to find the topic you’re looking for.

I hope this watercolor challenge helps you create lots of beautiful artwork. Happy painting!