The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to get in the spirit to dress up all your tech devices with some free holiday tech wallpapers? They’ll put you in the spirit, remind you that you have to finish your shopping, and bring a little joy to checking what the time is for the 27th time.

3 Free Handmade Holiday Tech Wallpapesr / Fox & Hazel

It’s Torrie again, from Fox & Hazel, and I’m here with some pretty holiday tech wallpapers for you! Part of my Christmas decorating includes decorating all my devices with some festive wallpapers. Is that weird? Am I the only one who considers this part of their holiday decorating? Because I’m okay with it if I am.  I don’t decorate for any other holidays, so I go all out for Christmas instead. And so, that clearly includes decorating my devices.

Since I love sprucing up my phone, I’ve created these wallpapers for you to dress up your own mobile devices. These were all created by hand with watercolours and ink, then magically digitized.  Also, all three wallpapers are available for iPhone, Android and iPad devices.

3 Free Holiday Tech Wallpapers / Fox & Hazel

3 Free Holiday Tech Wallpapers / Fox & Hazel

3 Free Holiday Tech Wallpapers / Fox & Hazel

How To Use Your Free Holiday Tech Wallpapers:

  1. Click on the appropriate link below the image you love
  2. Save to your device
  3. Use as a wallpaper and enjoy the festive feelings!

I love seeing people get in the holiday spirit, so share these  with everyone. The more people with holiday themed devices, the better!

You can also find me on my blog and Pinterest, where I share lots of art inspiration, watercolour challenges and my art journey.

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