5 things that artists should not do in an online community with their drawings,oil paintings,watercolors, pastels and acrylics.

An online community at this era and age is very important for an artist to promote and sell their artwork. I have seen so many artists desperately trying to get their artwork noticed in shady ways or try to demean another artists’ work. There are certain unsaid rules that need to be followed while behaving in a community. Here are 5 things an artist should never do in an online community.

1.Being an online bully


Just because you know the other person cannot confront you face to face does not mean you have the right to talk trash about his/her work. Being an online bully is one the worst things an artist can do. Just because a person’s style of watercolor may not match another person’s, it doesn’t mean it is “weird” or “not good”. If you can’t say nice things, then why comment? You can always convey some form of constructive criticism but being a downright meanie is a big no-no.

2.Beg for follows on social media sites

Have you ever been asked or rather begged to like a person’s page on Facebook? Or a “please like my photo”under your Instagram photo? It makes me cringe when people do so. I know everyone wants to get their art out there and everyone wants to make it big but the only way to get noticed is to do quality artwork. And this comes only with handwork. You can always promote yourselves on social media but knocking on every page and leaving your link is just not cool!

3.Failing to give proper credit

Most of the times we use a reference photograph to do an artwork. It maybe be an exact copy or a manipulated one. But it is really very important to give proper credit to the photographer. It just shows how much you value the other person’s work.Sometimes we may even copy a certain style of a particular artist. Here again it is equally important to give credit because you used that person’s artwork for your reference. All it takes is a minute.

Claiming another person’s work to be yours

There are so many people who just download another person’s drawing or painting , remove the watermark and put their own and claim that it’s done by them. And when they’re caught doing so, they blatantly refuse. This is equivalent to stealing. It’s like going to a grocery,flick a few items and argue that you lost the bill. Hell there are people who even try to re-sell them online. The amount of hard-work that goes into making a drawing is tremendous. Any person who knows this will not so such a thing.

Abusing Photoshop

Ah the magic tool,Photoshop! What can you not do with it? Did you know that people actually go to the extent of downloading a photo from the internet, make it black and white, make all the different adjustments in photoshop, print it out and then draw over it? Doesn’t it make you wonder that if he/she had all the time in the world to do that, why not take a blank sheet of paper and actually start drawing! Why the easy way out? Why not do the hard-work required. Photoshop is an amazing tool which aids an artist in his/her drawing but people can just use it the wrong way.

Just remember these are just 5 simple things as artists we can do and inspire others to. I hope this post has inspired you and I would love to hear your thoughts. 
Have you ever been bullied online or have you found your photo stolen and put up somewhere else? Leave a comment below 🙂

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