HI! I'm Zakkiya Hamza, an artist and educator based in Doha, Qatar. I love expressionist and impressionist art with an affinity towards filter coffee and crispy Dosa.


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As crazy as it sounds, I was told by a teacher that I couldn’t participate in an art retreat that happened in school because she thought my art wasn’t good enough. And I did what I knew best! I CRIED! But then the most magical thing happened when my friends decided that it wasn’t right and took it up with the head teacher. I got in, knew that I had made friends for life and got to attend an awesome experience. This was back in grade seven.

And now you probably think that this experience would be the motivation to tread on the path to art university….

WRONG! Art started playing hide and seek in my life occasionally just coming from behind the curtains and it remained hidden until the final year of university.  Architecture university if I may add. Sleepless nights with never ending work ruled my university years until I reached a tipping point and art finally made one last appearance and I made sure it was there to stay. After having a tryst with graphite and colored pencils, I realized watercolors was the one to stay. It’s been almost 5 years, many many workshops, loads of blog posts and happy clients. I’m happy to say there has been no looking back for me. And I’m glad you’re here because Inkstruck Studio aims at teaching art in the most approachable way possible.

Let’s do this! <3