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A few days back I did a blog post on some wonderful typography art which was done on black paper and I have been ever so inspired since. So I decided to get my hands dirty and do a bit of DIY of my own. So in today’s post , I’m going to show you how you can make some very cool feel good note-cards for your loved ones using just some black paper and a fine gold paint pen. So let’s dive in shall we? You will also find a video at the very end if you would like to see how I did the lettering.
STEP 1: Cut out black card-stock or any thick black paper in sizes of 2.5″x 3.5″ . Draw a small border and a guideline using any regular pencil. You can also write up your note using the pencil if you’re not confident enough to start with the pen straight away.
STEP 2: In the image below, you will see that I’ve marked some arrow lines with grey to show the flow of pen and the direction the letters need to take. I used an “Edding 780” paint marker in the color gold and 0.8 mm in thickness which I purchased from my local art store. You can find paint markers online at any of the art sites. Make sure you shake the pen well and try it out on another scrap paper before penning down on the actual note-card.
STEP 3: Draw the border around the card using the gold pen and a scale to give it a bit of finish. Down  below you can see one of the finished note-cards with one of my favorite wordings “Dream Big”.
STEP 4: Make a few and you’re ready to hand it over to the people whom you love and make them feel special. 
In case you would like to know the materials I’ve used, I’ve shown it in the image below. It goes in the order of 1. Black card stock 2. Edding 780 paint pen in 0.8mm thickness 3.Tombow Mono pencil
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Do you love black and gold? Do you think this would be a thoughtful project that you can do to gift your loved ones with?Which among the above is your favorite feel good note? Let’s get our chat on in the comments below.
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