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It’s funny how dreams change.When I was in architecture school, all I wanted to do was to design the most beautiful houses, hotels and buildings for people. I wanted to be this innovative designer who could revolutionize the architecture world with her amazing design skills.  Fast forward a few years, when I finished school, I was so exhausted that I took a big long break. I really was at my wit’s end at that point.But everything happens for a reason because during this time, I stumbled upon a few old artworks that my mom had stashed away in my cupboard(Thank you mom for keeping these). Throughout my entire childhood, art had been of utmost importance to me. I used to draw and paint all the time, attend short art classes during sumer breaks and participate in art fairs. Somewhere during deciding upon my career and working towards it,I had forgotten about this passion of mine. That particular day I got myself an artist grade graphite pencil set, some Daler-Rowney paper and a kneaded eraser.I think all the decision making literally took me 5 whole minutes. All this happened during March 2011 and since then there was no looking back.

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The interest grew, I started doing realistic portraits, scouring YouTube for tutorials, find out more about working with different mediums. At this point, art as a profession had not crossed my mind at all. I started working as an architect yet I couldn’t let go off my passion for art. In fact, balancing the two was becoming a task! My mind felt free and liberated while creating art and my mind would get crammed up at work.The turning point of my life struck at the time I was pregnant with my beautiful baby. I had made a conscious decision that I would be there for him no matter what which lead to me quitting a job that no longer interested me.  I started a blog during this period which was to record my journey in art and during March 2014.I had people ask me why I wasn’t selling my work and the idea of Inkstruck Studio as a small business and brand idea started forming in my mind. Like anything new, I felt excited yet intimated at the same time with the prospect of making art a full time job.[/wc_column][/wc_row]A job where I was the boss and where only I would be responsible for the outcome. It was a wonderful feeling but it was downright scary as well.I almost quit twice feeling overwhelmed and doubtful. But I have the most amazing husband and a wonderful family who kept encouraging me and lifting me up whenever I was down. Without their support, I don’t think I would be writing this story here.

Finally on December 9th 2014, Inkstruck Studio started as an Etsy shop and on January 30th 2015, we officially launched this wonderful website. I hope I continue to live this passion of mine through YOUR wonderful support. Thank you for taking and interest in reading Inkstruck Studio’s brand story and if you’ve reached this point right now, I give you a big virtual hug for having the patience to read through this little story of mine.