• Free custom Facebook tabs

    Now Facebook is a huge deal as a social media platform to get your work our there. It has a huge audience, it’s easy to maneuver and it’s been there forever. But it can be a bit bland when it comes to pages.  But did you know you can actually take it up a notch […]

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  • Tinted mason jar social media icons

    Hello lovelies. Hope you’re all in the pink of health today.I had closed down my shop a while ago probably around 6 months back due to some time management issues and now that I’ve gotten all settled, I’ve decided to re-open it. And finally did!So it’s back to being open and you can click on […]

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  • Free coral social media icons

    Hello all you lovely people. So I believe it’s high time I do a new post. Been slacking a bit lately haven’t I? Don’t blame me . It’s the unbearable heat and humidity that’s been increasing at an exponential rate here in Doha.  But worry not! It’s Freebie time! Yippeeee 😀 Ok you can do […]

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