Cuppa love original illustration by Zakkiya Hamza of Inkstruck

In my last post I had mentioned how much of a coffee girl I am. I love love love it. It’s one of the things I missed when I was pregnant. I took the decision to stay away from it for the entire period and boy did I miss it or what? I went right back to my favorite beverage after the little one was born. Can’t keep a good thing away for too long right! Ok time to stop rambling and show you my finished illustration. Scroll down a bit for some photographs of my Cuppa love illustration.
For my work in progress go ahead and click the link below


Coffee original illustration done by Zakkiya Hamza of Inkstruck studio.Poppies in the background.
Coffee love original illustration by Inkstruck with poppies in the background

For this illustration, I improvised a bit. I had initially done the same thing and messed it up royally. So I started all over again, finished my illustration and stuck the finished artwork on the unfinished one using a 2-sided sticker.

Coffee illustration done by Inkstruck with wins or &newton cowman watercolors,polychromos colored pencils
Coffee illustration done by Inkstruck with wins or &newton cowman watercolors,polychromos colored pencils

Again for those who would like to know what materials I’ve used

1. 2-sided tape
2.Daler Rowney cold pressed watercolor paper
3.Winsor&Newton Cotman watercolor tubes
4.Staedler lumograph pencil in 2H
5.Faber Castell polychromos
7.Tuff Stik eraser
8.Micron pen
9.White gel pen
10.Lotus Deco watercolor brush


Do you think coffee is one of nature’s biggest treasures like me? Or do you think it’s all hyped up? If so, what’s your choice of beverage?Leave me your answers in the comments!

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About zakkiya hamza @ inkstruck

Zakkiya is the creative blogger and founder of Inkstruck Studio. She’s a self taught artist who let go of her architecture profession to pursue her passion in art. Zakkiya likes to write detailed tutorials in watercolor, calligraphy, and hand lettering. She also teaches watercolor workshops occasionally in Doha where she’s based currently. Other passions include traveling, photography, and basketball.When she’s not working, you can find her cuddling and running around with her toddler boy.


  1. This is so pretty. I gave up coffee for both my pregnancies too. That was hard, but I was motivated because I knew it was only 9 months, and I was doing it for my babies. Giving it up later because of migraines was harder … 3 years without, then I decided it didn’t make any difference! So I am back to enjoying the wonderful “cuppa love”!

  2. Thank you my dear! Yes I agree with you. The only relief was that I was doing it for my baby. But coffee is definitely a life saver for me everyday. Keeps all the headaches at bay and gives me the power to go through the day. Have a nice day lovely!

  3. Absolutely beautiful, but for me “Cuppa love” means tea every time! I do love a cup of tea. You work is still beautiful so I forgive you for preferring coffee!

  4. Thank you lovely! Haha I’m glad you’ve forgiven me for coffee being my fav 😉 . I actually have an illustration done on teacups. I will post it up in one of the upcoming posts. 🙂

  5. This is absolutely adorable – I love it. I’m always down for a good cuppa, be it tea or coffee! 🙂

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