diy ikea tissue holder with gold accent
Hello lovely people. I love bling. According to me gold accents makes anything classy. I recently got hold of this pretty white tissue holder from IKEA. I bring it home, stare at it and say..”hmmm something’s missing here”. So this light bulb lights up on my head and I’m like that’s it, it needs some gold. Although black and gold is extremely striking, there is this subtle beauty in white and gold. So are you all ready to learn this fun, extremely easy DIY project I’ve done in this post? Enjoy!
You’ll need 1.A tissue holder ( it could be any white tissue holder that you have).I’ve used one from IKEA as shown below. 2. Gold sharpie marker or gold paint marker. The choice is yours. For this tutorial, I’ve used the sharpie marker as it has a lower drying time than that of paint marker but you could use paint marker as an alternative if you don’t have a sharpie available.
diy ikea tissue holder with gold accent
The only step: There is basically just this one step that you’ll need to know, so just follow the photographs and learn.Shake your marker well. Make sure you try it out on another surface before starting fresh on your tissue holder. Follow the outline that’s already there on the product you’ve used. You’ll need a steady hand and some amount of patience πŸ™‚
diy ikea tissue holder with gold accent
Ta-Da! And it’s done. See how the gold makes it really pop? You could improvise or play with it by filling in the leaves or some flowers but I decided to leave it simple by just doing the outlines.

What do you think?

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