I’ve been trying to bring this DIY into reality for the longest time. Finally, I’m here writing this post and relieved. Learn how to create DIY watercolor cookies in this post.

To be honest, I have absolutely no idea about baking or the chemistry it has. In short I’m a terrible kitchen person. So, I sourced these cookies from the lovely Rachel of Chocolate fish parties and did what I know best. And that is of course, paint !

Materials required:-

  1. Plain iced sugar cookies
  2. Food coloring
  3. Watercolor brush

Step 1: You can either bake a fabulous cookie or buy one. The only thing required is that it should be white iced and plain. Rachel provided me with these fabulous cookies that were big and had a large surface area. You can use smaller cookies but you’ll need to use a smaller brush to paint.

Dilute your food color with water. I learnt on research that it is best to dilute the coloring wth alcohol. These DIY watercolor cookies are floral themed. So start from one end by painting leaves.

Step 2: Continue creating a flow it pattern with the leaves just like how you would see in reality. Paint some berries to fill up the spaces using a different color. One of the mistakes I did was to use too much color at some places and I saw that it didn’t really do well as the color spread a bit and also melted the sugar slightly.

Step 3: Paint the other cookies the same as well. For the second one, I used darker leaves and cluster of flowers. For the third cookie I used a