DIY watercolor easter egg

Spring is officially here!The season that brings lovely colors,smells and sounds after a long drab winter.I call it nature’s fashion season.And with Easter being just a few weeks away, I thought it seemed fit that I do a spring inspired DIY watercolor easter egg.Read on to see how you can create these beautiful eggs to brighten up your home.

DIY watercolor easter egg by Zakkiya Hamza

I love the season of spring. Living in a desert turned city(Doha), vast fields of pretty fruits or backyards with an array of flowers are not a common sight. That is why every year, I look forward to going back to my home country,India. And of course during the other times,I scour Pinterest and Flickr ! So dreaming of spring and Easter being a few weeks away,I thought why not combine to two.But for this DIY watercolor easter egg tutorial,I decided to divert from my usual obsession of flowers. The result ? Beautiful Navel oranges on an egg.

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DIY watercolor easter egg by Zakkiya Hamza

Materials for the DIY watercolor easter egg

This post also contains a short video showing the process of creating this DIY. Please click the viewer below to see or scroll down below if you’re interested in the written tutorial.Please excuse the quality of this video.I don’t have any fancy equipment with and I’m still learning to try and improve the videos.

Step 1:Empty the contents of the egg by using the method of blowing. Dry the egg using a paper towel.Place the egg on the clear tape.Start painting leaves starting from one end of the egg.Vary the colors and sizes of the leaves for originality.Paint clusters of leaves extending it.Go around the egg and paint 1/4 of the egg with leaves.

DIY watercolor easter egg by Inkstruck Studio

DIY watercolor easter egg by Inkstruck Studio

Step 2:Let’s start with the oranges. Paint circles of varying diameter in a random order around the egg.Vary the orange color slightly so that it does not look monotonous. You can use a variety of fruits such a cherries,peaches or nectarines instead of oranges.After painting the circles around the egg,wait for it to dry.A quick way to dry them if you’re in a hurry is to use a hair dryer. But make sure you hold the egg or support the egg with one finger so that it doesn’t blow away and break. You don’t want that happening do you?

DIY watercolor easter egg by Inkstruck Studio

Step 3:Start painting clusters of leaves that will join the oranges at the tip.Paint a dot at the other tip of the orange.Join the different leaf clusters to make the painting look cohesive. The initial idea was to create a Rifle paper co. inspired easter egg. But since I don’t have a set of gouache at hand and when acrylics didn’t really help, I had to switch plans.That’s when I thought of creating this DIY watercolor easter egg in my own style.Next, add in extra leaves wherever necessary to fill in the gaps.

DIY watercolor easter egg by Inkstruck Studio

DIY watercolor easter egg by Inkstruck Studio

Step 4:Highlights! One of my favorite art supplies for highlights is white acrylic ink.The best part of it is that I can use it straight out of the bottle. You can alternately use white gouache for this purpose but you’ll need to dilute it a bit with water.Place tiny dots on one side of the circle indicating that falls on that particular area. This will show depth to the orange.

DIY watercolor easter egg by Inkstruck Studio DIY watercolor easter egg by Inkstruck Studio

Step 5: Rotate and look around if the egg needs any more spaces that need to be filled. Leaves are great fillers for this project. But you can also add a few oranges here and there if you wish.Make a few more and you will have a lovely basket full of your own spring themed watercolor easter eggs.If you’re looking for other ideas for decorating easter eggs, you may want to check out a few of these links shown below


DIY watercolor easter egg by Inkstruck Studio

What do you think?

What egg decorating idea would you be trying this Easter?If you would be inspired to do this DIY watercolor easter egg idea, which fruit would you prefer?If you’ve already decorated eggs, I would love to see them. And if you decide to make any DIYs I’ve done,make sure you hashtag them with #makeinkstruck on Instagram, so that I can pop over and have a look!

Thank you so much as always for supporting Inkstruck Studio. Have an amazing day!



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16 thoughts on “DIY watercolor easter egg

    1. Necessity is the mother of invention as they say! 😀 I was getting my hand all over the paint before I decided to try this! And thank you so much for your kind words and if you try it, don’t forget to share it with me 🙂 I’d absolutely love to see!

    1. Would you believe it if I say I’m impatient at most things other than drawing and painting ? 😀 Thank you very much Hilda. I’m sure if you give it a go, you’ll do great !

    1. Thanks kindly ! So sweet of you to say all those kind words. I would love for you to try and make these. Please do share them with me. I would love to see it 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Jennie ! I love watercolors as well. They are such a versatile medium to work with.I just popped over at your website. You’re really talented. Love the painted pine cones. What a genius idea. Thank you so much once again for stopping by. Have a nice day !

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