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Hi again! It’s Torrie from Fox + Hazel, and today I’ll be walking you through how to create these adorable DIY watercolor Easter place cards. Easter is just a few weeks away, and these cards are a fun way to make sure everyone knows where their seat is!

Supplies Needed:

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Step One:

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First, you will need to cut out your place cards from the hot press watercolor paper. These are cut to be 3.5″ x 4″ (9cm x 10 cm) and then folded in half. You will need to score the fold line to have the paper fold nicely. The finished size will be 3.5″ x 2″ (9cm x 5cm) tall. Once you have the place cards cut out, cut out the bunny template too.

Cover the back of the bunny template with pencil marks, so we can transfer the bunny image on to the place cards. Flip the template over and place on your place card, then trace the outline of the bunny. You’ll be left with a faint outline of the bunny shape. *Note: if the transfer is too dark, you can lightly eraser the transfer a bit or use a kneaded eraser to pick up the extra graphite. If the outline is too dark, it will show through the paint!*

Step Two:

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>Next, using the old paintbrush and the masking fluid, paint over the entire bunny shape on the place cards. Use an old paintbrush you don’t care about because the masking fluid will ruin it! Once you have all the place cards covered with masking fluid, let it dry completely before moving on. This can take 15-30 minutes.

Step Three:

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Once the masking fluid is dry, you can paint over the bunny image.  First prime your paper with just water, and while the paper is still wet go in with two colors of yochoosinging. I did a few different color combinations, all in spring colors, but I intentionally was very light with the paint. To help keep that spring vibe to these Easter place cards, you want to use less paint and more water to create a pastel effect.  I also chose to do some paint splatters with one of the colors on each place card. You can do this or not – totall optional!

Let the paint dry completely before moving on.

Step Four:

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DIY Watercolor Easter Place Cards-21

Carefully remove the masking fluid from the Easter place cards. You can slowly roll it pack with your fingers, or also use a small eraser to help grip the masking fluid. Go slow and take your time so the paper doesn’t rip!

* Note: I had issue with my masking fluid ripping my paper, and discovered the watercolour paper I was using just did not want to work. The paper was a new brand different than my usual Arches, so I ended up re-doing these cards with Arches. So if the cards look like they suddenly changed mid-tutorial, that’s why! All that to say: test your masking fluid on your paper BEFORE starting this tutorial!*

Step Five:

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DIY Watercolor Easter Place Cards-26

Use a black pen or calligraphy pen of your choice to write each guest’s name inside the bunny shape.

And you’re done! That’s it – so easy right? I think these watercolor Easter place cards turned out so cute and fresh. You can easily adapt this method for any holiday as well!

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This post was contributed by Torrie from Fox + Hazel. You can see more of her work below:

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