What’s Easter without a bit of crafting with eggs isn’t it?And I’ve been seeing so many wonderful and innovative stuff done with eggs on my favorite blogs and I’m like why not give it a go? So I’m making all kinds of plans thinking I should do some dots or stripes or just random lines and then it strikes me. Why not give watercolor painting a go? So I grab my paints and I’m lost! I think of painting flowers or fruits or leaves and i just cannot get myself to. So I took a break, thought for a while and decided on doing a simple landscape silhouette without too many details. And I do love it. i don’t think its perfect but it’s not in the bin yet so I think I can call myself partly successful at my venture.
So scroll down below and enjoy my silly little idea 🙂

The beginning!
Some progress done
Some major painting going on 😀
And I’m done!
Another angle
And one in my hand
I really hope you like it. I would love your thoughts on this. So please do leave your opinions in the comments below and if you’ve done some art or craft with eggs for this Easter, leave a link below. I’d love to have a look!
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Take care and Cheers until next time 🙂