Hi everyone. I hope you all are doing great and are ready for an easy watercolor DIY that I would like to share with you. Ever thought of watercolors to be this daunting technique where you just cannot find an easy way out with those brushes? Let me show you something that is so darn easy and so much fun and guess what, you don’t need any of those fancy brushes. So read on and go ahead and make these absolutely easy gift tags for any occasion.

1.PREP YOUR WORKSPACE: The most important thing while starting off any project is to have a clean workspace where everything is at your fingertips so that it you don’t don’t have all that unwanted clutter around you. 
2.ASSEMBLE YOUR MATERIALS: This will definitely save you time because then you do not  need to keep getting up from your seat to fish out those materials from somewhere else. The materials you will need for this particular DIY are 1.Water  2.Artist or Student watercolors 3.Single punch 4.Any good quality watercolor paper 5.Thread or yarn 6.Flat Palette 7.Toothbrush
easy watercolor gift tags DIY using toothbrush materials used
3.CUT OUT YOUR GIFT CARDS: You can cut out either fancy gift cards using many of the wonderful templates online or do a simple rectangular one like how I did. Then punch holes into the paper where the thread will form a loop.
4.START PLAYING WITH PAINT: I love to call this part playing because it’s just so much fun. What you need to do is load the toothbrush of the color of your choice and start spraying joyfully on to your cards. WARNING: This part can be quite messy, so use some leftover sheets or newspaper or anything that you have in hand so that the color does not harm your valuable furniture. Keep spraying until you get the desired result. Don’t worry about the paper warping because it will go back into shape once the tags are dry.
easy watercolor gift tags DIY using tootthbrusheasy watercolor gift tags DIY using toothbrush 
5.TIE A LOOP WITH THE THREAD: Using a thread or yearn tie a loop around the punched hole to attach it to your gift and viola we’re ready to go 🙂
easy watercolor gift tags DIY using tootthbrush
Did you find this little tutorial enjoyable? How do you find watercolors? Do you think this would be a fun activity with your kids? Let’s chat in the comments below.
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