I’m always amazed at how simple handwritten letters can be made into an even prettier fonts. Designers have been bringing out so many different variations of brush lettering fonts that it’s difficult not to buy them all.Today, I’ve compiled few of my favorites so that you can have a look too.

Favorite brush lettering fonts | Inkstruck Studio

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I adore hand lettering and brush lettering is one of favorite things to do. Even if it means just dabbling with my Tombow dual brush pens or the Tombow Fudonodsuke pens or just writing with a water brush and my favorite Sennelier watercolors. Sometimes though if I’m super busy and I need to get something done quickly for example a little announcement on my Instagram or Facebook page, I’m so grateful for the wonderful fonts there is. Especially for the brush lettered fonts. They’re honestly just amazing.

As you my have noticed, I love Creative Market. The site in itself is amazing and the products listed there are top-notch! My favorite place to go for all my designer needs.A couple of weeks back, I compiled some of my favorite modern calligraphy fonts that you need to check out.They’re just as fabulous as these. Without further ado, here they are!

1.Bonjour! Typeface by Nicky Laatz-$18

Bonjour font

2.Tropical nights by Creativeqube-$12

Tropical nights font

3.Willona typeface by COB-$15

Willona font

4.Petal brush font by Tom Chalky

Petal font

5.Malina brush font by Ivan Rosenberg-$12

Malina font

6.Beverly Typeface by MediaLab-$10

Beverly font

7.Bellissimo typeface by Callie Hegstrom-$9

Bellissima font

8.Markella font by Katsia Jazwinska-$12

Markella font

Did you pick a favorite? It;s super difficult for me but mine definitely has to be Bellissimo. Just look at that beauty! Tell me yours.I’d love to know all about it in the comments below. If you want to see amazing quotes with brush lettering and more, just hop over to my Pinterest board below and hit that follow button.

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