Random strokes and colors to die for? What’s not to love about abstract art? This week’s freebie consists of free abstract wallpapers for your phones and desktops. Trust me, they’re sure to make your tech devices bright and super pretty!

Free abstract wallpapers | Inkstruck Studio

Every time I create free wallpapers or in general free stuff for you on the blog, all I think about is how I can make it look pretty. But this time though, I wanted to get across this lovely message I’m positive you’ll agree with me. Being grateful! I’ve been a firm believer that this one little thought changes everything. How beautiful it would if everyone would be thankful for the little things and in turn, be kind.

I hope this blog post inspires you to do a little something to someone you love or a random stranger you see! I bet it’s going to make you feel awesome.  And I hope these abstract wallpapers make you feel awesome as well.


Free abstract wallpapers | Inkstruck Studio

Download the choice of your free abstract wallpapers by clicking the links below:-

How to use the downloads:-

This post contains free abstract wallpapers for your desktop and phones. When you click the links, it will open in a new window. For your laptop or computer, just right click and save. Every device differs in ways to make an image as wallpaper. For my iMac, I right click the thumbnail and click on “set desktop picture” .

For your iPhone, save the watercolor floral wallpapers to your “camera roll”. Go to “settings” > “wallpaper” > “choose a new wallpaper” . I’m unsure about how to go about it on android phone. You may want to do a quick search on that.

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Please be aware that these free wallpapers are only for your personal use. If you choose to feature any of these wallpapers on your website, please link back to this post.Do not link back to the attachment but to this post here.Thank you.


I hope you enjoy these and I would love to know what freebies you would like to have in the future. Let’s get our chat on in the comment section. Check out my Pinterest board for a number of fabulous freebies from other creatives online.

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