Hello all you lovely people. So I believe it’s high time I do a new post. Been slacking a bit lately haven’t I? Don’t blame me . It’s the unbearable heat and humidity that’s been increasing at an exponential rate here in Doha. 

But worry not! It’s Freebie time! Yippeeee 😀 Ok you can do the happy dance 😉 

So lately I’ve been doing a bit of tidying and prettying up my blog and I guess you can see that here. Minimal and Clean. A lot of html code researching and so has ended up with what’s being displayed now. And all this researching has sparked a bit of an interest in me. New crazy idea in bucket list-  “Learn Html and CSS”  B-) [ well umm at least for blogging purposes ] .

And there is something else also that is new here. Yes yes! An *About Me* Page! 
Go to the top of the page.
Find the Menubar.
Click on *About Me*.

I’ll make it easier for you. Follow what’s shown in the image below.

Alright I should probably stop blabbering and tell you what the *freebie of the month* is . Sooo I’ve made a bunch of free social media buttons that you can use exclusively in your blog or website or store or anywhere you feel like! Super cool eh!All you need to do is just click on the image below and it will lead you to the download link . Feel free to download the zip file and use 6 different png files included.

Alternately if you want to purchase the full set of 16 buttons, please click on the image below. It will take you to my store Inkstruck Studio at Storenvy. They are sure to come in handy !
Hence the end of yet another blog post! I hope y’all have fun with these free social media buttons.And hey, if you download these, please show some love and put in a word or two in the comment box below.
Also don’t hesitate to buy the set of 16. They don’t cost an arm and leg 😉
Cheers guys! Until next time 🙂