Before the year ended, I figured I needed to get something out here on the blog that would be perfect for you to use next year. And Bingo! Here is my free weekly planner printable page for you to print and enjoy.

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If planning is something that you love doing, then this free weekly planner page printable is perfect to do just that. Your weekly goals can be listed down under the “Goals” column and your to-do list for the week can be filed under days of the week.

The free weekly planner page printable is in PDF and you can adjust the printing size accordingly when you print using Adobe Acrobat. If that is something that you would like to do, just follow the instructions below.

  • Open the free weekly planner printable page PDF file in your Adobe reader software.

  • Click on File > Print. A pop up box will open up with the print details. Click on the "Page Setup" button seen towards the bottom left of the pop up box. Click and choose your paper size. Click OK.

  • Next, click on the "Fit" radio button and the page resizes according to your paper size. You can also manually enter the percentage to scale in the "Custom scale" radio button. Your paper size will be shown as a mask over the original size.

  • Click "Print" and you're good to go.

There are 4 boxes under the “Goals” column but you do not necessarily need to use them all. They’re just for reference and you may add more boxes or just use any number you like.

Download more planner pages HERE and HERE.

I hope you enjoy this free printable and I would love to see you use them. Kindly tag me on Instagram at @inkstruckstudio or use the hashtag #makeinkstruck there. I would love to see how you use them.

If you have ideas for more freebies, comment below and I’d love to make them for you.


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