Enjoy these fab freebies that Inkstruck Studio has curated just for you. Please have a look at our “Sharing Policy” provided in the footer.Link backs are appreciated although not mandatory.



I have to say that I love doing freebies for all you lovely people. It’s a way if saying thank you for taking out your valuable time and stopping by…


Yes! It’s freebie time. Let’s do the happy dance 😀 Father’s day being just around the corner, the freebie this time had to be somewhere along those lines isn’t it?…


Free desktop wallpaper-Be awesome everyday

Things have not been all that great here with my little one falling ill and me following suit right after. That is why there has not been a single blog…


Free printable for Mother’s Day

I was deciding on what freebie I should be doing for the wonderful month of May and since Mother’s Day is just about 10 days away, I thought what better…

Free desktop wallpaper for april

 I love to do freebies for my lovely readers every month and since April has just begun, I thought it is only right for me to do a desktop wallpaper…

Free custom Facebook tabs

Now Facebook is a huge deal as a social media platform to get your work our there. It has a huge audience, it’s easy to maneuver and it’s been there…

Tinted mason jar social media icons

Hello lovelies. Hope you’re all in the pink of health today.I had closed down my shop a while ago probably around 6 months back due to some time management issues…

Free coral social media icons

Hello all you lovely people. So I believe it’s high time I do a new post. Been slacking a bit lately haven’t I? Don’t blame me . It’s the unbearable…

11 thoughts on “FREEBIES

  1. Thank you so much for these! I plan to use one of the blog headers on my own blog. I’ve been looking all over for a simple watercolor header and eventually found this page! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


  2. Hello
    I find your site very interesting for a beginner like me
    I signed up for your newsletter but I can not find a link for the learning sheets
    can you tell me what I need to do to get them?
    still bravo

    1. Hi catina. Thanks so much. You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail in which there is a link and a password to access the free worksheets. If you still have trouble, can you please e-mail me and I’ll have a look at the problem. Thanks!

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