A watercolor cosmos flower is a delight to paint. I heard from one of my readers that cosmos grows like weeds and I was thinking to myself how beautiful it would be to just see them in the wild here in Doha!

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How to paint a watercolor cosmos flower step by step tutorial-Inkstruck Studio

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This mini watercolor tutorial explains the basic steps that you can use while painting a watercolor cosmos flower. I can show you so many different angles of this flower and it still would be interesting to keep painting them. I hope you enjoy this tutorial.

How to paint a watercolor cosmos flower step by step tutorial-Inkstruck Studio

🌈 Step 1: Draw the base shape of the watercolor cosmos flower which is an oval. The centre of the flower has a circle shape and each petal has oval as its base shape which varies as you move around the flower. I started with the center of the flower with dots that form the circle shape. Starting a little off center to the left, paint the petal following the oval shape. Let the centre bleed into the petal. Remember to leave white space and keep the edges rough.
🌈 Step 2 : Continue painting the watercolor cosmos petals as you go(look at picture 2 for directions). Add depth to the pistil making it look raised. Add strokes on the petals while the paint is still wet. Notice how the petals are not the same. We do not want uniformly shaped petals. The key here is to be as organic as possible.

🌈 Step 3 : Finish all the watercolor cosmos petals. Check picture 2 pointers to see how each petal is different and where you can use shape to determine direction easily.
🌈 Step 4 : Finally add the stem and leaves, remembering to keep it fairly simple and as organic as possible.

And that’s it! You’ve just create your very own watercolor cosmos flower with these simple steps. 

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Thanks for reading! x