A watercolor delphinium flower is a detailed version of a filler element I love painting. Small little florets cluster together and form something wonderful. Learn to create them in no time

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How to paint a watercolor delphinium flower step by step tutorial-Inkstruck Studio

This mini watercolor tutorial explains the necessary steps that you can use while painting a watercolor delphinium. The delphinium is a beautiful flower with bunches of small florets that start wider towards the bottom and taper upwards.

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Step 1: The base shape here is an oval. I also like to draw rough flower shapes lightly with a pencil since there are quite a few of them. Please start with the stem, which is a little thick and has bits of brown in it. Don’t forget to paint the nodes since that form an essential part of the watercolor delphinium flower. Add your leaves.

Step 2: Start painting the larger flower shapes right at the bottom. If you’ve taken my watercolor workshop before, I talk all about 5-petal flowers, and this is a modified version of that. Do not forget to leave the centers white(white of the paper) since the center of the flower clusters in a delphinium is white.

Step 3: Once you reach halfway through, slowly start tapering the shape and making the flower shapes smaller and more abstract. You can also add some abstract flower shapes on the sides to make it look a little more rounded and full. At this point, you can start adding the smaller stems connecting the different flower shapes as well.

Step 4: Finally, taper to a point where you will see that the flower shapes are not defined at all. Let the green of the stems bleed into the flowers as well. This will give it a much more natural look and create interest. Look at it from a distance to see whether you need to add more flowers and make it look balanced

I hope you enjoyed the watercolor delphinium flower I just explained. I’m sure you’ll be able to whip this up in no time at all.
Talk soon! x