Learn how to paint watercolor leaves in this online class. Using simple strokes, paint watercolor leaves with ease.

Hello friend. If you’re a total beginner in watercolors and would love to learn all about painting watercolor leaves, you’re in the right place. I’ve created a simple, easy to follow and basic online class on how to paint watercolor leaves. The class releases on January 5th 2020. One of the things that I love doing when I take in-person watercolor workshops is to teach how to paint leaves before even approaching flowers. This not only forms the confidence to get your strokes right but also gives the confidence to approach more complex shapes in flowers.

Here is a glance of what you will be learning in the class. It is self paced and you’ll be able to learn it at your time.

  • Materials Overview

    This section talks about the materials required for the project.

  • Mark Making

    In this section, I explain about how to approach leaves by talking about the simple method of mark making.

  • Basic leaf+8 leaf styles

    This section is divided into 2 parts where I start by explaining a basic leaf and then proceed to explain about 8 easy leaf styled.

  • Final leaf pattern

    In this final section, I go through a leaf pattern from start to finish explaining how a basic leaf can transform into an extraordinary painting.

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