I’ve been seeing the trend in indigo everywhere and it doesn’t surprise me in the least.It has been my favorite color for a while now. Today’s post includes free indigo watercolor pattern wallpaper for your phones. I hope you love them as much I as I do!

Free indigo watercolor pattern wallpapers for iPhone | Inkstruck Studio

Am I the only one who likes to change wallpapers for my tech devices often? I’m obsessed with Oana Befort’s, ww.Dawn Nicole’s and Clementine Creative’s wallpapers. They’re so so beautiful. And sometimes, I like to use mine as well like these below.



They’re my most popular posts at present which obviously validates the fact that there are people who love tech wallpapers as much as me! Today I bring you some really beautiful indigo watercolor pattern wallpapers which you can dress your tech devices with. Enjoy !

Free indigo watercolor pattern wallpapers for iPhone | Inkstruck Studio

Download the choice of your free indigo watercolor pattern wallpapers by clicking the links below:-

How to use the downloads:-

This post contains free wallpapers for your iPhones. When you click the links, it will open in a new window. Every device differs in ways to make an image as wallpaper.

For your iPhone, save the watercolor floral wallpapers to your “camera roll”. Go to “settings” > “wallpaper” > “choose a new wallpaper” . I’m unsure about how to go about it on android phone. You may want to do a quick search on that.

Other freebies you may love:-

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Please be aware that these free wallpapers are only for your personal use. If you choose to feature any of these wallpapers on your website, please link back to this post.Do not link back to the attachment but to this post here.Thank you.


I hope you enjoy these and I would love to know what freebies you would like to have in the future. Let’s get our chat on in the comment section. Check out my Pinterest board for a number of fabulous freebies from other creatives online.

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