Inspiring artwork found on the internet
What is life without a bit if inspiration isn’t it? We can find inspiration in almost anything there is. A leaf, maybe a rock or even just an old worn out cloth. There is nothing that is void of inspiration. It’s just the way we perceive the simple things in life.
Now, artists are so easily inspired by the simplest of things and they in turn form a source if inspiration for other artists. I have a list of such people whom I look up to and admire the way they use their skill. So I decided I would start a series of weekly posts on artists around the online community whom I admire deeply.
Alright then let’s get started!

Redd Walitzki

Redd Walitzki

Morgan Davidson

Morgan Davidson
Bec Winnel


Kelly McKernanKelly Mckernan

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Do you have any artists whom you greatly admire. Leave a comment with their links below and I’ll post them off in the coming Inspirational Monday
Until then, Cheers!