Ever wondered how you can spruce up your sidebar with some snazzy looking social media buttons. You may have seen blogs where bloggers have customized their buttons to match their website theme rather than using the generic ones that are available. Follow this tutorial to find out how you can install social media icons to your sidebar on blogger.

You will need a set of icons that you wish to use. You can use my Free coral social media icons or you can scroll down below and use the sunset colors social media icons which is the freebie available for this month. There are also plenty of other free icons around the web which you can use.
Step 1: Upload your icons on an image hosting site for example Photobucket. You will need to use the “Direct URL”option for the purpose of installing the buttons to your website.
Step 2: Hop over to your blogger dashboard. You will see the Layout option, click on it.
Here you will see Add a gadget as highlighted in the image below
Click on it and a pop up window will open up showing a number of gadgets you can select from. Scroll down until you see the HTML/JavaScript option. Click on the + sign that you see next to it.
Step 3: After you click on the plus sign, it will lead you to a window where you will see box called Configure HTML/JavaScript. Put in a title like “Let’s be friends” or “Connect with me” in the title box. 
In the content box, add the following code.
Replace the text “Your desired link” with the link of any of the social media websites you would like to put in for example Facebook,Twitter etc.For the e-mail option, replace it with “mailto:[email protected] . For example “mailto:[email protected]
Replace the text “Direct URL from Photobucket” with the link that you copied from Photobucket.
Replace the “desired value in pixels” with the size that you would like to see your icons in like that of 32 by 32 px or 48 by 48 px. The size is your personal preference. Just keep in mind that are not too small or too huge.
Continue adding the code in the content box with all the links that you wish to see. Please make sure you put in the exact code and you’re good to go.

What do you think?

Did you find this tutorial informative and easy to follow? Do you have any questions that you would like for me to clarify? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks so much for reading! If you would like to get the free set of Sunset colors social media icons, click on the link to the image below.

This tutorial was done as part of a collaborative effort initiated by a group of bloggers to bring to you the best of how to’s in the field of blogging. You can read more about the project at The Ultimate Blogger Collaboration Project.