Recreate the world in floral splendor.

Learn the techniques to create loose watercolor flower paintings and transform into a blooming artist.


Do loose watercolor florals frustrate you?

Despite trying often, do you end up getting blobs?
Maybe you.....

  • Find water to be your biggest enemy while trying to paint confidently-it’s either too much or too less
  •  Feel intimidated with the overwhelm of information online-you crave structure and guidance
  • Feel overwhelmed with the supplies and techniques required- There is so much out there and not all materials are made the same
  •  Find that your colors clash with each other on paper or your colors simply don’t shine in your paintings-Color mixing feel scary and hard.

Find yourself always overthinking while painting-You look for endless references online, only to overthink even more and feel you’ve wasted precious time which you could have used for painting.

You can paint the same way too!

Bloom watercolor academy

Discover floral experiences with confidence and joy.

Create remarkable watercolor florals that wow you and the world.

Get the tips and tricks to paint confidently.

Get to know about the diverse tools, smart techniques and extensive resources at the Bloom Watercolor Academy, a monthly membership by Zakkiya Hamza. 

Milestones in your art journey

Bloom Watercolor Academy is a monthly watercolor floral membership that helps you master the art of loose watercolor flowers and express your ideas confidently on paper.

Flower of the Month

Focus on the nuances and composition of a new flower every month.

Master the strokes

Get detailed insights into techniques and pigments.

Hone your art

Improve your skills with downloadable floral templates and resource worksheets.

Have Questions?

Get your queries solved in the live Q&A sessions.

What exactly is inside the membership?

    • Monthly video lessons on how to paint the Flower Of The Month(FOTM) in multiple ways.
    • Monthly video lessons videos on how to paint a flower composition using FOTM.
    • Alternate month of video lesson tackling the techniques that compose of watercolor painting and get nerdy with pigments.
    • Monthly Live Q n A session where I’ll answer all the questions that frustrate you.
  • 17 FOUNDATION lessons in watercolor painting are accessible as soon as you join. 

  • FREE access to a library of all past content shared inside the academy.
  • FREE access to all the live video lessons of the Watercolor Wildflower Challenge.
  • Supporting workbooks and templates that aid all the video lessons.
  • A supportive Facebook hosted online community.

See what our awesome members have created

Get a glimpse into the details Bloom Watercolor Academy for the year 2021-2022.

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What students have to say!

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How can Bloom help ignite your creativity

Group 106 - LP

Gain confidence:

  • Paint any watercolor flower confidently, even those that you’ve never attempted before.
Group 107 - LP

Be a compositions expert:

  • Create stunning watercolor floral compositions that unleash unfettered creativity. 
Group 108 - LP

Find your path:

No space for guesswork. Know the processes to follow with a step-by-step roadmap aided by Challenge Boards.

Group 109 - LP

Nurture your own style:

  • Evolve into an artist with your own unique watercolor florals painting style. 
Group 110 - LP

Build connections:

Grow your network of like-minded artists with a supportive  online community that will guide and inspire you.

Imagine the unlimited possibilities of a brush stroke.

Join Bloom Watercolor Academy

(no strings attached! You can cancel at any time)


$ 27

Per Month


$ 324

$ 270

You save US$54!

Due to the digital nature of the membership, all sales are final.No refunds are provided

The passionate watercolour artist

Zakkiya Hamza

“The secret to remarkable watercolor floral art is expressing your style with confidence..”

With an innate love for the medium, Zakkiya has been nurturing her signature style with watercolors for close to a decade. Her tryst with teaching began 5 years ago via her blog, online classes, e-books and over 30 in-person workshops. Through her online and in-person interactions, she has mentored over 8,000 art students. 

She has garnered immense experience with L’Occitane, Qatar Museums Authority, West Elm. etc. Besides artwork, she also moulds her designs into calendars, children’s apparel, yoga mats and other products.  

An Indian-ex-pat, Zakkiya lives with her spouse and 2 kids at Doha, Qatar. 

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The Five Stages Of A Blooming Artist

Know your creative stage before you begin

The Blooming Artist Blueprint gives you a deeper insight into which stage you are at in your watercolor floral journey and defines your path forward.

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Messages from existing members

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bloom Watercolor Academy a course?

No, Bloom Watercolor Academy is a monthly membership with new content added to every week. You will have access to all past content when you join.

How is content of membership delivered?

You can access the content via a private membership portal. You will be notified about the login details via e-mail and also in the private Facebook community. New content is added to the portal every week on Friday.

Who can join Bloom?

The membership is conducive for artists across all skill levels who wish to learn and master watercolor florals.

Know your level: Check out Blooming Artist Blueprint e-book to know where you are in the journey to becoming a watercolour artist. Bloom can help nurture your skills through your journey.

How can I join Bloom Watercolor Academy?

Once you enroll and complete the payment, you will receive a welcome email with login details. You can access the entire library of content along with monthly focus.

When will my membership renew?

Your account will be charged on the same day of the month, if you’ve subscribed for a monthly membership or on the same day of the year, if you’ve subscribed for a yearly membership.

Are all the lessons live?

No. The sessions are pre-recorded in detail by Zakkiya so that you can move at your pace and time. The Q&A sessions will be live and can be replayed by those who miss them.

Will I miss the past content if I join at a later time?

You will have access to the entire library of content like flower tutorials, composition classes, techniques, and pigment information. There is also an entire library of “Foundation” content for you to consume. Besides, you can also learn from the past discussions in the Facebook community. 

What is the payment structure like?

You can avail of monthly membership at $27 or choose yearly membership for $270 and save up on two months.

Is it compulsory to be a part of the private Facebook community?

The main content, templates and challenges will be accessible to you in the membership portal. Beyond that, the private community is a place to interact and have discussions. You will be able to post your challenge artwork and get inspired by other members.

Joining the Facebook Community is optional, but highly recommended for the value it brings to the artists.

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

You can cancel your membership any time through the course of the membership. Do note that refunds are not available due to the digital nature of the membership. This is a digital service that will be billed monthly or yearly as per your choice at the checkout.
If you wish to cancel, you’ve to do so before the next billing date. Once the payments have gone through, refunds may not be granted.
If you cancel now and return in the future, you’ll be subject to whatever price the membership is at that time.

Is this membership time-consuming?

No. The content is designed with bite-sized challenges keeping in mind the busy schedules of everyone.

Have more questions?

If you have any more questions, feel free to connect with us at [email protected]