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Welcome! I’m Zakkiya, your host for the facebook group Learn Modern Watercolors. This is an exclusive class for you to learn watercolors. If you’re not a member of the class already, please join using the link below.

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Group Rules

  • You’re welcome to give your suggestions but please be respectful and kind to others.  I believe in kindness being the biggest personality trait in a person and it matters here. If you can’t be, you’ll be banned without warning.
  • Please keep all your posts relevant to watercolors. You may ask questions and add photos as an example but it should be at least 80% watercolors.
  • This is not a group for buying, selling , sharing affiliate links and promotional posts. I want this group for a place for people to learn and further hone their skills.
  • There is a daily thread for posting your recent work. Please use the thread dated accordingly. This will help keep the wall less cluttered.
  • You’re welcome to ask any questions even if it’s a beginner one.
  • There is an introduction post where you can introduce yourself and get to know each other. (Just use the search bar on top if you can’t find it)
  • This group is a watercolor class and I’ll be sharing my knowledge from time to time. I’ll be posting the posts on my website and providing you with free worksheets. Some of the posts may contain affiliate links which will help run the website and group smoothly without hiccups.
  • And the most important rule of all. HAVE FUN!

I have a series of posts which are aimed at beginner watercolorists. Please have a look at the links which is part of my learn watercolors series if you’re just starting out.

  1. Watercolor supplies
  2. Watercolor blending
  3. Watercolor techniques – 1
  4. Watercolor techniques – 2

This will be a page that I will keep updating as the group further progresses.

Thank you for following the rules!

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Watercolor tips,techniques and more

( You’ll only be able to view these if you’re part of the Facebook group)

  1. Beginner watercolor supplies
  2. Free watercolor thank-you card


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Learn watercolors - A facebook group + Class - Inkstruck Studio