March art haul

Oh how I love walking the different aisles of an art store! The smell of new paper and the array of colors. Oh! Pure magic and bliss. 
But..that being said, it’s easier to order off online because of the busy lives we all lead right now. At least for me, I just don’t have the time to stroll through aisles of art having the time of my life like I used to. So now, I do some of my shopping online and then quickly visit my nearest art shop,get what I need and take a moment to look about and I’m out!
Alright then, so this month I got my hands on some pretty exciting stuff.
Read on to find out!

Stonehenge tombow caran d'ache art tools


1.Stonehenge multi pads

I love the colors this wonderful pad has to offer. Earthy tones,rich and beautiful! I have heard these are brilliant for colored pencil. I am yet to try these out but I am pretty excited to do so! I got the one in A3 size for doing larger drawings than I usually do.
You can find these at 
Dick Blick.

2.Tombow Erasers and refills

I have to say this is one of the best finds I have had recently! These are so handy when it comes to doing hair,details of the eyes,facial hair etc. They come in two shapes-round and rectangular. I find the rectangular one suitable for the hair and the round one for other details. Their sharp points makes it easy for erasing even the minutest of detail in any 
graphite drawing. The best part is these have refills which are available, so you don’t need to buy a new one each one the eraser finishes.
I got mine at Dick Blick.

3.Yasutomo gel xtreme pens

These simple,cheap tricky little pens can do wonders for highlights in your drawing. Not too much though or else you might just miss out on the “highlight” bit. I don’t really like using them too much for graphite because sometimes over the course of time it just tends to get yellowish. This one’s from a local art store but you can find it online as well.

4.Alvin Eraser shield

These can be used to mask your drawing while erasing especially while using an electric eraser. It’s an ok-ok product so far. I guess I will have to use it more to find out if it really helps. I got hold of these from a local art store as well.

5.Caran d’Ache full blender bright

Again another one of those products I still have to try! But I’ve heard good stuff about these blenders. I have an oil based colored pencil set(Faber Castell Polychromos) and these blenders work well with oil based colors so I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping my money hasn’t gone to waste! This lovely find is from Dick Blick as well.

6.Grateful Calendar

And this is the product I am most excited to share. Let me tell you a secret first though. I got this in January(shhh!) but I just couldn’t help but show you this amazing calendar by Alicia Souza who is an illustrator based in Bangalore. My brother got this for me when he flew down to visit and I absolutely love it. It has these lovely illustrations on every day shown in the calendar and what’s more you can color it in. I’m soon going to do a full review on this product. So stay tuned for that! You can find these at
I hope you enjoyed reading my lovely haul.
Have you used any of the above products before? I would love to hear it from you. So please leave your opinion in the comments below.
Toodles my lovelies! Until next time ˆ ˆ
Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions stated above and completely my own and I have not been paid by any of these companies.