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It gives me a lot of joy when friends I know personally and in real life share the same passion for art and creativity as I do. Sure, there are plenty of friends I have made on the internet who follow the same interests as mine but there is definitely something special when there is a friend to whom you can talk about art and art related things. So for the 1st installment of my “Meet The Artist” series, I’m going to introduce you to one my good friends and fellow artist, Priyanka Vijayan who has always been such an inspiration. I met Priyanka while in high school. We lived in the same area so we travelled in the bus together but little did I know she was an artist then. It was only a few years later when I saw her wonderful sketches on Facebook, I realized what a splendidly creative person she is. So without me rambling any further, let’s see what Priyanka has to show and say.
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priyanka vijayan art

Hi Priyanka. Please introduce yourself to my wonderful readers.

I am an engineer by profession but always been an artist, a self taught artist. More than 20 years doing sketches now I started off with humble scribbles and moved on to learning the effect of pencil shading. I have had my share trial using oil paints as a medium but my heart always went back to pencils. 

 What is the medium and kind of artwork that you enjoy doing?
My work mainly involves realistic drawing using charcoal/graphite as the medium. Still life or portraits are the main theme. I also try and spend more time in detailing to gain more precision in every piece.

priyanka vijayan art


What inspires you to create such beautiful works of art?
Being able to capture emotions & feelings on every sketch is my biggest inspiration. This is never an easy task. I strive to get this right , even if it means doing a sketch all over again.
 Do you have any aspirations for the future in the field of art ?
At the moment I am working on setting up my own art label to represent my work. But long term plans include doing some workshops to try and share my techniques with people who have similar interests in art. Also lately I have developed a deep interest in mural paintings (which is surprising because I am not a huge fan of working with paint as a medium, I try and stick to the world of Black & White )
What advice do you have for beginners?
Symmetry : As a beginner this is something every artist finds difficult to learn, to get the alignment and symmetry of a face, eye etc or even the sides of an object correct. This leaves the picture look incomplete. My advice to this has always been “don’t be shy to use the grid system” , till date I have been using it for all my sketches because precision is the key. 

priyanka vijayan art


Fall of the light: Often artists are  too scared to go beyond grey and shade a bold black. This is because they fail to learn the fall of light and darkness in a picture. Once this is well understood smudging the black into the light can be easily achieved creating a real life effect. Also knowing and using the right grade of graphite pencil is vital ( graphite pencils usually give a shine if not used in the right angle, in such cases a charcoal or a black pastel would be the best option) 
Thank you so much for your wonderful insight Priyanka. It’s been an absolute pleasure ! You can find all of her works here on her Facebook page Priyanka Vijayan Art Page . Cheers until next time lovelies!