Hello lovely World or rather Blog-world which of course is as intimidating as the former ! As a first time blogger, I have pondered over tons of different ideas on what to pen down here and believe me when I say that I’m still figuring it out.

Oh no!!

It has taken me months of brainstorming and haggling with myself on whether I’m actually cut out for this sort of thing. Finally my overworked and fed-up brain decided it needs to put an end to this mess and literally shouted “You never know until you try douche-bag ! ” And that’s when I finally realized and said Oh Okay! I need to get past this “

So here I am stepping into something so completely alien to me that I can actually feel the jitters. But hey every cloud has a silver lining right? And that’s where my friend “ART ” steps in to which I can proudly say I’ll never let go 🙂

Oh Joy!

For me, art is a process of creative experimentation which never really has an endpoint. It goes on and on never really reaching the zenith. Take me for example, I started off as a realism artist about 2 years ago trusting my eye to put down the exact details of what I see into paper.

Technically awesome, creative wise not quite there!

I still continued to do realism not really wanting to step outside of my comfort zone till a point when I though “Hey , c’mon there needs to be something more to this “. I still stuck to realism but took a small step and started adding elements different from what I actually saw. It definitely felt and “Hey I was actually trying to be creative. Woo-Hoo!”

Now I’m getting somewhere!

I still do continue to experiment and learn and although I haven’t found my niche yet [I highly doubt the possibilities of that happening] , I will definitely be jumping from niche to niche snuggling up and trying to find the perfect fit. And maybe that perfect fit might never happen but that doesn’t mean that I’ll end up being a nobody. I would have amassed plenty of knowledge and skill in the process and that for me would be the most rewarding.

For all those who stayed till the end of this long, slight amateurish and boring post, I am deeply indebted to you. And to those who skipped up to this point, I thank you as well.

 So toodles until the next time this silly artist experiments ! 🙂

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