Where did February go? Or was it me only me who thought so? I find this year has been moving a lot faster than I would like it to. Well no wonder they say time flies! :/
And currently on my desk is an unfinished, slow paced graphite drawing that I started eons ago! I think I really need 48 hours a day to finish everything that’s in my agenda currently. Last month was super super busy with shifting homes and with an infant of 5 months, you can only imagine how that would be like! Ever since this year has started, I have been slacking a LOT in my art !Hopefully now that everything is set and done, I can squeeze in a bit of my time for drawing everyday. (*fingers crossed*)
I love this reference picture that I found on Deviantart by this wonderful photographer from sweden. His dA name is zemni and he takes such exquisite photos which has so much depth and emotion.  I can go on looking in awe forever at these beautiful photographs by him.

Some shots of my drawing




Reference image by Zemni
Reference Image by Zemni

WIP of “Bound”


graphite drawing "Bound"by Zakkiya Hamza
Graphite Drawing “Bound” by Zakkiya Hamza
Work in progress of “Bound”
Work in progress of “Bound”

Materials Used

-Tombow Mono pencils
-Tombow Mono eraser in round
-Kneaded eraser
-Regular eraser
-Blending stumps

Hopefully, I will be able to show you my completed drawing by the end of this month.
What is currently on your desk. I would love to have a peek. Leave a link in the comments below.

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Until next time,Cheers!