Watercolor flowers are amazing to create. I love how a simple five-petal flower can be transformed from being quite child-like to having so much character. I've explained a few techniques here and there's so much more you can do! Try it, you will love them!

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Watercolor flowers using techniques by Zakkiya Hamza of Inkstruck Studio

A five-petal flower is one of the very first watercolor flowers you may start with while beginning your journey in watercolors. But many a times, you may end up with flowers that are quite flat. And because there is a significant drying shift that you see, you need to think about ways to elevate them. Let’s have a look at how to do that!

Create deeper values in the center – While your watercolor flowers still wet, create a darker center by dropping in color of a deeper value. You can use the same color for this, all you need to do is create a lighter value for the flower and darker value for the center.

Create deeper values in the center and edge – Using the same technique as above, create a beautiful definition by making the edges darker as well. You can use the same color or for added interest add another color of lighter value for the flower.

Create a soft blend on the edge – Use clear water for your flower and drop in a lighter value for the edges and let it blend inwards. This creates a beautiful soft blend on the edges. Create an added definition by using a darker center of a deeper value.

Add dots to your flowers – Think of no barriers when it comes to creating interest in your watercolor flowers. Dots are a great way to create the most interesting patterns. Blend it away while your flower is still wet and if it is a contrasting color, even better!

Layer on the edges – Once a flower is dry, it’s great to create details on it. Although you may not get the smooth blends you will get on wet on wet, you still can create awesome definition. You will also have more control on how you want your patterns to be. 

And there is so much more you can do! Creating watercolor flowers is awesome in itself. Creating a few with added definition is like playing and experimenting. Use all the techniques you know and give it a go!

Happy painting! x