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I love to record the process that takes place behind my works of art either in the form of photos or as  blog posts. The trend started with my blog where I wanted to share with my readers what goes on behind a particular illustration.  There is something uniquely special about how a particular artwork is born. It may have gone through a bumpy road or it may have been a smooth sail. Whatever it be, it has it’s own charm.

While doing illustrations, I almost always start with a rough sketch on my Moleskine ® , deciding on the color schemes and theme of my illustration. For me, this forms as a base from which I can develop it to a fully fledged artwork. The artwork is then perfected depending upon what I feel at the spur of the moment.After which they are scanned and edited to bring out it’s original colors. This is then sent for printing to be available for my clients.The process differs while doing realistic portraits for clients. In this case, I use a reference provided by the client and I start directly on my preferred choice of paper.

After this, the final product is mailed to my lovely clients. I make sure that my buyers feel special by personalizing the packaging and including something special. It’s YOU that helps this brand of mine grow.

You can find my process and behind the scenes photos on INSTAGRAM and my BLOG.