Introduction to watercolor florals online ZOOM workshop-8th April 2021

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Hello, everyone. I’m Zakkiya Hamza, a watercolor artist, and designer based in Doha. I’ve taught over 25 in-person watercolor workshops, most of which have been received very well. Most of my workshops are beginner-friendly like this one and you will be able to take away information that you will likely not receive from the free tutorials on the interwebs. I’ll be happy to have you on-board in this “new” way of learning.


In this beginner-friendly online workshop via the application Zoom, you will learn the very basics of painting watercolor florals. You will start with the basics and then proceed to use the techniques taught to create leaves and individual flowers. Please note that floral compositions will not be taught in this class. You will be provided with a digital workbook or e-book that you can refer back to whenever required.


We start off by exploring the most basic techniques in watercolor. Understanding the basics is vital in getting started with watercolor. The basic watercolor techniques will include blending, layering, and mark-making. Plus I’ll be showing you lots of tricks and tips to help with water control.


In this section, we will explore how leaves can be painted using simple strokes. The concept will be broken down into simple steps and you’ll be able to paint any kind of leaf with the techniques I explain. And you’ll be able to paint a variety of leaves too.


In this section, you’ll learn the basics of painting flowers, tips, and pointers to follow while painting loose florals. You’ll learn to approach any flower using the shape breakdown technique I use to make them as simple as possible.


The application “Zoom” must be installed on your preferred device. Basic materials consisting of watercolor paper, watercolor paints, and watercolor brushes along with 2 jars of water and a paper towel must be available on hand to follow along with the workshop. You do not need a specific brand of materials and you can use whatever you have in hand. Make sure you keep everything ready prior to the commencement of the workshop.

Please try to join in 10 minutes before the workshop time so that any technical difficulties can be taken care of before the start of the online watercolor workshop.

Date: Thursday – April 8th, 2021

Time: 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m Qatar time(GMT+3)

Fee: QAR 150/-  or USD 42/-(Limited seats only available)

Please note that payment must be paid 100% in advance. Due to the nature of the workshop, payment is non-refundable in an event of cancellation or no show. Payment can be done via Paypal or using a credit/debit card. The payment options will be shown at the checkout and the date of the workshop is not transferable.


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4 reviews for Introduction to watercolor florals online ZOOM workshop-8th April 2021

  1. Swati Choudhary (verified owner)

    I have always been in awe of the beautiful floral paintings and posts of Inkstruck on instagram, so when the opportunity came to attend a workshop by Zakkiya, I had to attend it. The workshop was so much more than I had expected, and the way Zakkiya taught in the session was just beyond belief.

    Her passion, experience, knowledge and willingness to teach others was evident. She taught basics of watercolours along with painting floral and patiently answered all our questions. I had never attempted floral paintings before, because I found them to be very difficult, but Zakkiya helped me get over the fear. I learned so much in this workshop, and was able to even paint a thank you note for Zakkiya, which I never thought I would have ever painting without the workshop teaching me how.

    I would highly recommend this session for anyone and everyone who wanted to learn watercolor or watercolor florals, or even for beginners who want to enhance their skills.

    I cannot wait for more workshops by Zakkiya, she is a brilliant teacher.

  2. Kristine

    Review for Introduction to watercolor florals online ZOOM workshop-7th August 2020
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  3. Sara (verified owner)

    I had been experimenting with painting florals with water colours but wanted to learn some new techniques.

    I can across Zakkiya’s Instagram page and was ‘wowed’ by her work. So I decided to sign up to her beginner’s watercolour workshop.

    I’m really pleased that I took part in this workshop as it really helped me to understand blending, using the brush to create shapes and lines as well as the water to paint ratio.

    The demonstrations/tutorials were clear and informative. I really enjoyed practising alongside her.

    I also thought it was great how after each part Zakkiya would stop for any questions.

    I can’t wait for the next workshop as I’m really interested in learning about floral compositions.

    Thank you so much for such a well organised and fun workshop.

    You’re a fantastic artist and I really enjoyed the workshop!

  4. Ann Tom (verified owner)

    I have been following Zakkiya on Instagram for quite some time and have always been amazed at her floral compositions!! All her paintings looks like a dream..!! I was so excited when she announced her online workshops and couldn’t have been happier to be a part of it..!! I was so pleased with how gracefully she explained the nitty- gritties of watercolour basics. The class was very informative with so much to take away especially for beginners..would definitely recommend her workshops to all watercolour enthusiasts out there without a second thought..!!

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