Watercolor Foundations Course


  • Bite-sized instructional lessons —All the lessons are split in a way that is easy to consume. See the description to see the lesson headings.
  • Captions added — All the lessons are supported by captions while viewing the lessons.
  • Searchability — You can search through the course to access any part of the lessons easily.
  • Supporting Workbooks — There are 4 supporting workbooks that you can refer to in addition to watching the videos
  • No expiration – You can access the lessons at your own pace and at any time.


This self-paced Beginner’s Watercolor Foundations Online Course is the holy grail when you begin exploring watercolors. I created these lessons as part of Bloom Watercolor Academy(my online watercolor membership). Now, I want to give you the opportunity to learn from this wonderful resource as a stand-alone course. I have included 18 lessons(including a short bonus one) that will help elevate your knowledge in watercolors!  Here’s the course layout, and what’s included in each lesson.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Materials

Lesson 2: Watercolor paints-Tubes or Pans

Lesson 3: Watercolor paints-Student grade or Artist grade

Lesson 4: Watercolor paints-How to read a label

Lesson 5: Watercolor brushes-Anatomy and Bristle type

Lesson 6: Watercolor brushes-Brush shape, size, and choosing a brush

Lesson 7: Watercolor paper-Reading the cover, specification and how to choose

Lesson 8: Tips and Tricks in Watercolor Painting

Bonus Lesson: Using paints from tubes and pans

Lesson 9: Water control and Transparency

Lesson 10: Watercolor techniques-Wet on Wet or Blending 5 ways

Lesson 11 : Watercolor techniques-Wet on wet or Blending 5 more ways

Lesson 12 : Watercolor techniques-Layering,Dry brushing and Solid wash

Lesson 13: Watercolor techniques – Mark making in watercolors

Lesson 14: Color wheel and Color temperature

Lesson 15: Color mixing with Color temperature

Lesson 16: Paint a split primary color wheel

Lesson 17: Understanding color harmony

There are 4 Workbooks that accompany the course and they’re a detailed asset to the lessons. You will find them as attachments along with the lessons.

The course ends with you armed with all the necessary knowledge and more when it comes to painting with watercolors. Once you purchase this listing, you will be given full access to the course videos and workbooks! Please note that you must have or create an account inside a separate portal, the details which will be sent to you via e-mail along with your order confirmation. If you have trouble navigating through, please send an e-mail to [email protected]


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