Mixing up two mediums can be quite a tricky thing especially when you’re a novice at one! Graphite and watercolor together can create beautiful results when done the right way and it’s been one of those experiments I’ve been wanting to try for quite some time. As for graphite, I have the confidence of pulling off a decent job but watercolor….oh watercolors!! How thee scare me.  Well not that they really scare me so much but the fact that I will be doing it along with graphite does. The reason being after spending hours and hours perfecting the graphite bit, there was this slight fear in me that it would get destroyed by lack of expertise in watercolor. 

But hey, looks like it hasn’t turned out to be a disaster after all. Maybe a watercolor pro would be like “Err!What shit?” 😀 buuut I’m pretty pleased.

Here is the step by step progress of the drawing.

Step 1:
Making the grid and laying out the outline of the drawing.
I always start in with filling the eye because I love doing eyes and it gives life to a drawing.

Step 2:
I fill in the other eye as well making sure all the highlights and shadows are well placed.
Always remember that the white part of the eye is never completely white but is shaded lightly.
If it is left white, it will look unnatural.
Step 3:
The lips are filled in and the outline of the nose is shaded.
The lips will have natural creases with light and shade values.
You can start rubbing out the grid as you fill in each of the different parts.
Step 4:
The rest of the face is shaded and all the hair details are put in!
Step 5:
And all the watercolor details are added. I couldn’t take a progress shot while doing the watercolor bit because well I was concentrating too hard at making it work 😀
Phew! Well so that’s done and now off to the next hopefully soon-ish! So before I head off, leaving you with a final picture that includes all the details and a small poem I stumbled upon online. Enjoy peeps!
Star child your looking for love
Calling to galaxies 
Be mine in time 
I’ll wait and listen as the wind chimes
Blows past like time moves so fast
Heal me I’ve been cast away

Star child looking for love
Look to the sky and the ocean and such
Tell me wht you find
I know you didn’t find much
Search in the stars
When you gaze up at night
And all your problems and fears
Minimize they’re a smaller size
Star child
Inhale now
Your world will be okay somehow
Reference Image by Jessica Truscott
Image reference link-http://fav.me/d4hx8if
Poem Author-Amaris Davy
Image drawing copyright-Zakkiya Hamza.Find more of me on http://facebook.com/inkstuck or http://facebook.com/zumyzaky


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