So I just got my hands on a brand new Moleskine Watercolor Notebook ( pocket sized ) and I’m already starting to love it! I love the small size and I’ve started filling it up with all my experimental creative mess!

 My Brand New Moleskine

Well I couldn’t just leave the cover blank could I? So I fished out my little acrylic tube and a brush and started randomly painting triangle patterns! I got bored of doing it, so it might look a bit incomplete.
(Well who knows I might just go back and finish it … some day!)

Random Watercolor Patterns
I started with painting some random patterns using my Koi Watercolor Kit coupled with a few quotes I like. Turns out quick patterns with this medium is a lot of fun!!
*Dandelion*-Silhouette Drawing
Now I know I mentioned this was a Watercolor Moleskine but the texture isn’t too bad for pencil drawings! In fact I love the tiny texture it has and I ended up drawing this little silhouette image I found on Pinterest. 
So do you have one of these practice Moleskine folios? If you do, then leave a link in the comment box below. I’d love to have a look .And yes do come back for more of these tiny drawings and paintings! I’ll be back with more 🙂
Feel free to pin any of the images above but please do not remove the link from the image.