Although most people love the red rose, my absolute favorite of them is the yellow one. They are such subtle beauties with so many layers of gorgeousness. In my opinion, they give out so much more warmth than it’s otherwise popular red one. And I’ve been wanting to do a little painting of them for a while. I found the perfect image while surfing on Pinterest and I really can’t wait to finish and show it to you lovely people.
Down below you can see the lovely yellow rose is slowly coming to life in my illustration. I think it pops out so much in front the turquoise blue background. I’m beginning to love watercolors so much nowadays. I never really gave this medium much of a thought earlier but it’s such a versatile medium. Also it’s quick and that’s what I love most about it.
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What do you think are those blue vertical rectangular thingies in the background? A cookie and virtual hug for whoever guesses that! 😀
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Inspiration for the image :