Practice makes progress. I believe in this little sentiment as a opposed to the popular practice makes perfect one. Today’s post includes a free watercolor Christmas tree practice worksheet that will help you develop different styles.

Download free watercolor Christmas tree practice worksheets that you can improve your skills with - Inkstruck Studio

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Practice worksheets are a fun way to print and play. I love that you can try out so many different styles using a basic shape. The basic shape I used here is a triangle on which you can try out your trees by painting over them. They act as a guide for you to paint.These can be printed out on watercolor, mixed media paper or even printer paper. The only thing to keep in mind while using printer paper for watercolors is that you may want to keep away from too much of water.

In the images shown here, I’ve tried out a couple of different styles using watercolor. Use creative freedom to make yours too or use the examples shown here as a guide to create your trees.

Download free watercolor Christmas tree practice worksheets that you can improve your skills with - Inkstruck Studio

Mediums experimented on by me on the watecolor Christmas tree worksheet:-

You can try and experiment with different mediums- colored pencils, gouache or even an iPad Pro to name a new. And if you do don’t forget to share them with me. I love looking at what you make of my freebies here. I’m over at @inkstruckstudio on Instagram and you can hashtag your work with #makeinkstruck.


How to use the free watercolor Christmas tree practice worksheet :-

  1. Download the file using the link above. It will open in a new tab, use the arrow button on top to download the PDF file.
  2. Print out to size required. These are in A4 but can also be printed in US letter size.
  3. Paint over the shaded triangles to your heart’s glory.

I hope these come as good practice sessions to improve your skill further. If you love freebies, have a look at these other posts as well.

As always thanks for stopping by! x


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Zakkiya is the creative blogger and founder of Inkstruck Studio. She’s a self taught artist who let go of her architecture profession to pursue her passion in art. Zakkiya likes to write detailed tutorials in watercolor, calligraphy, and hand lettering. She also teaches watercolor workshops occasionally in Doha where she’s based currently. Other passions include traveling, photography, and basketball.When she’s not working, you can find her cuddling and running around with her toddler boy.


  1. Thank you for all you do for your followers. I purchased your very first Online workshop video and it was a wonderful intruduction to watercolors and lettering. You provide us with new ways to practice. Most of all you make it accessible – for those of us that can not afford to purchase lots of books and work shops. Thank you for that! You are an inspiration! Keep on doing what you love and teaching us to keep on…… Have a wonderful day!!!

      1. Love visiting your BLOG.
        Always something new to see!

        You are full of creativity and generous with your tutorials.
        Enjoy the Holidays.


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