There is something so unique about fall. I think it’s all those warm colors coming together along with a color palette that soothes the eye. It’s just magical! And painting fall stuff is one of my absolute favorite things to do. Learn to create a watercolor fall tree in today’s easy to follow tutorial.

Learn to paint a watercolor fall tree in this easy to follow tutorial over at the blog. Click to learn how! - Inkstruck Studio

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Look who’s back! Oh yes, it’s been so quiet around here that I’ve actually forgotten how much fun it is to make tutorials for you. The studio was on hold for a while as this soon to be momma wanted to take a much-needed break. Yes! We’re going to have baby no.2 soon and it’s all been amazing so far. The month long vacation in India helped me refresh and here I am back, back with a bang!

Today’s tutorial on how to paint a watercolor fall tree. It’s really simple and with just a few strokes, you can create something that looks so beautiful. I have a lot more fall tutorials up my sleeve but for now, I’m excited to share this one.

Materials used for the watercolor fall tree :-

  • Watercolor paper
  • Mijello Mission watercolor paints
  • Silver black velvet brush size 8 and Princeton quill size 6

Step 1: You can choose to draw a rough outline in pencil to get an idea of the composition or if you’re comfortable, dive straight in with a brush. Paint the main trunk along with a  few smaller branches emerging from it. Make sure to leave white spaces in between as shown, for the leaves.

Step 2: While the paint is still wet, add a bit of texture to the trunk. This will help create the rounded shape it has plus bring out the character in the tree.

Choose from warm yellows, oranges, and deep reds to create a palette that is best suited for autumn. Paint small blobs that indicate the cluster of leaves along the branches. You can choose to add in a bit of purple and brown as well for a varied color interest.  Don’t forget to leave bits of white space in between leaves as well.

Step 3: Continue adding the leaves with the different colors. Add more branches once you have all the leaves in place. And that’s it! Eyeball at a distance for good measure and add in more leaves if you wish.

Learn to paint a watercolor fall tree in this easy to follow tutorial over at the blog. Click to learn how! - Inkstruck Studio

I hope you enjoyed this super easy to follow tutorial on painting a fall watercolor tree. This exercise will also help you paint loose and fast to bring out the beauty in watercolor. If you loved this tutorial, be sure to check out these fall inspired tutorials below.

Learn to paint a watercolor fall tree in this easy to follow tutorial over at the blog. Click to learn how! - Inkstruck Studio

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