Three easy peasy watercolor flower tutorials? Well, here it is. Some of my mini tutorials in one post, rounded up for you. This will help you understand watercolor flowers and how to approach them in the easiest way possible. Read on!

Three easy to follow watercolor flower tutorials by Zakkiya Hamza of Inkstruck Studio

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Let’s create some fantastic watercolor flowers, shall we? This post is a compilation of some of the mini-tutorials I’ve created for you to learn. These are like a 30,000 ft overview, and you may still find that watercolor florals can be fun. Don’t be discouraged; you can learn all this more. For the BEST way to do it, I’ve created a watercolor florals membership to help budding watercolor enthusiasts create floral paintings confidently by providing the right tools and techniques. Please read all about it HERE.

1.Paint a watercolor peony bud

Painting a loose watercolor peony bud is a very trendy mini-tutorial of mine. Not only are they the cutest but they also make such beautiful elements in a composition. Learn the step by step process HERE and you can see the quick time-lapse video HERE.

2.Paint a watercolor peony delphinium flower

These are such lovely flowers and they’re a really fun watercolor flower to paint. I have a very good breakdown on how you can achieve this lovely flower easily in this tutorial HERE.

3.Paint a watercolor cosmos flower

A cute little flower, so dainty yet with so much character. I love the textures on the petals and how you can go really abstract with them without losing their beauty. You can learn how to paint a cosmos watercolor flower HERE.

You’re going to take away so much from these wonderful watercolor flower tutorials! I hope you have loads of fun painting.