A very simple way to understand wet-on-wet technique in watercolors or blending is by using these drills. It's almost therapeutic to see pigments spread on wet circles. Today's video will show you the same!

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Paint easy watercolor wt-on-wet drills by Zakkiya Hamza of Inkstruck Studio

Some of my best work have come from doing watercolor drills. Not that they’re insta-worthy or that they’re supposed to look the best. Repeating and tweaking is such a good way to enhance the quality of your work.

Consider thee drills as building blocks to creating your most loved paintings. They help you get unstuck, evoke calm feelings and help you improve muscle memory. Tis video is not the traditional way in which i teach you what you do but rather something that I would encourage you to do.

So have a look at this video which is just over a minute and which will help you create work for a lifetime.

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