Join me in a 5-Day Challenge as I walk you through the steps in painting watercolor wildflowers culminating in a splendid composition.
July 3rd,2021-July 7th,2021

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Learn to paint 8 individual watercolor wildflowers and a beautiful finished watercolor wildflower composition in my signature style.

Remove the frustration from painting watercolor florals with my proven processes in simplifying them.

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Watercolor wildflowers 5 day challenge by Zakkiya hamza

A glimpse of the watercolor wildflowers we will paint!

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How does the challenge work?

The classes are hosted daily in LIVE sessions, and video replays will be available for the next 30 days.

The lessons are hosted in a Private Facebook Pop-up group and live-streamed via Zoom in the group. All videos will be recorded to be used as video replays.
Once you’re done, show off your incredible work in the Facebook Community.
You can ask your questions during the LIVE session and within the Facebook group.
You will have 5 days of organized, simple challenge plans which you need to complete and post on the Facebook group. Once you reach the finish line, you’ll be eligible to win $50 worth of Gift Card from Amazon.

About Zakkiya Hamza

With an innate love for the medium, Zakkiya has been nurturing her signature style
with watercolors for close to a decade. Her tryst with teaching began 5 years ago via her blog, online classes, e-books, and over 30 in-person workshops. Through her online and in-person interactions, she has mentored over 8,000 art students.

She has garnered immense experience with L’Occitane, Qatar Museums Authority, and West
Elm, to name a few. Besides artwork, she also molds her designs into calendars, children’s
apparel, yoga mats, and other products.

Supplies You Will Need

Get the deets on the supplies required for the challenge from my “Free watercolor supplies guide” but remember to keep it simple. Use whatever supplies you have in hand. Watercolor paints, a number 8 or 10 round brush, and some 100% cotton watercolor paper

Ready to deep-dive into the world of watercolor wildflowers? Take the 5-day challenge and see your confidence in florals grow leaps and bounds.

Due to the digital nature of this challenge, no refunds will be provided once you make the payment. Please have a thorough read through this page, and if you have more questions, please get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

The live sessions are hosted in a private Facebook group HERE to which you will have access after you have enrolled for the challenge.

You do not need to attend the live sessions. The replays will be there in the Facebook Group for 30 days, after which the group will be closed.

Each day comes with a schedule that will be posted on the Facebook Group. Challenge prompts are put up each day. Complete the challenges, post them on the Facebook group to be eligible to win.

You can ask questions in the comment box during the live session. However, I will open the floor for 20 minutes after each session to answer the questions. If I fail to respond to a question, please use the Facebook Group to ask them.

Please e-mail at [email protected] for further questions.