Hello all you lovely people! I hope each and everyone of you has been having a wonderful 2014 so far. I’ll be dedicating this post to a beautiful 2013 I’ve had and sharing my goals for 2014.

Before that I’d like to thank each and everyone of you who have supported me in the past year, encouraging me with lovely comments and making me improve my skill with each drawing.
A huge thank-you goes out to my hubby dearest who has been my biggest supporter throughout.

2013-A retrospective

Towards the end of 2012, I was gifted a Wacom Bamboo Tablet by my OH(secretly hinted many times by me) ;).Thus my experiments at digital drawing took off. And Boy! Are they difficult or what?!? I really didn’t think much of digital drawings to be as difficult as traditional but trust me,they have their own problems. I gave up being frustrated many many times in the beginning but finally got the hang of it. Though, I have just two completed digital drawings from last year, I’ve learnt plenty from it.
Another milestone I had last year was starting my own illustration and paper goods store during July-August.The shop is currently closed, due to lack of time(but I do plan to open it up next month). The link is up on my pages tab. Before further ado, here are some visuals of my work last year. I hope you enjoy these!

My Goals For 2014


1.Be more organised with my blog
I’d like to at-least post one productive post a week considering my life around an infant currently.

2.Learn HTML and CSS
I’d like to learn this daunting computer language in the year 2014 as part of building my blog.

3. Learn Block Printing and Watercolor painting
I have recently been very interested in the process of block printing and it seems like such a fun way to make simple yet brilliant looking greeting cards. I need to get the fear of watercolors out of my head, hence the best way I feel is to dive in and learn some!

4.Make more of “tips and turorials” posts

I love doing little posts which include tips and tricks that will benefit other artists because when I started out they really helped me. I’d like at least a few people to benefit from what I have learnt and what I have to teach.

5.Find a unique style in my artwork
I would like to create artwork that are unique. Something that people would recognize as mine alone. Till now, realism has been what I was more focused on. This year I would like to change that and find my own style.

Well hopefully I don’t fizzle out not doing these goals this year.

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 Do you have any goals that you have shared on your blog. Please leave a comment with a link so that I can go visit. I’d love your thoughts on mine as well.